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"My Central Vacuum Has Poor Suction"

Of all the service calls that we get, the poor suction complaint tops them all!

A central vacuum system is the best and the most efficient cleaning appliance for the home. Just like a furnace, it too needs some TLC. To keep your investment working at optimum performance, your central vacuum and it's accessories needs to be maintained at least once every couple of years. Over time, debris, mold and allergens can build up due to condensation and filters not being cleaned regularly. This can result in poor suction that will cause your vacuum system to work much harder and reduce the life of the motor.

There are a number of reasons that may cause poor suction:

  • Debris build up

  • Excessive vacuuming of pet or human hair causing a clog

  • Something has been sucked up like a sock or small kid's toy

  • Saw dust being vacuumed up after a renovation

  • An outlet door is not as airtight due to a worn door spring

  • Pipe in walls may have a leak

  • Hose is clogged

  • Power head not functioning properly or requires a belt change.

  • Vacuum motor has finally run out of steam and needs replacing.

Our maintenance package includes a full inspection, test and cleaning of your entire central vacuum, hoses and other accessories.

We will:

Clean and remove all debris and allergen deposits in your piping.

Clean and expect the motor and circuitry

Clean your filter bag and check for any tears.

Inspect and replace any worn wall outlets

Replace worn power head belts & clean roller

DYI Tip:

Try switching on your central vacuum machine manually for about 10 minutes. Do not plug in a hose. This may clear any obstruction. Be sure to empty the canister beforehand to see if anything came out.


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